Debbie Delgado

IdealLife Coach

"brought me to an even higher level of vibration"

“It was such an awakening for me as I listened to the Abundance 101 CDs and learned more about the foundational aspects of abundance.  I’ve been a student of the Law of Attraction for some time, and it really helped bring it all together for me.  I have already noticed how much more positive my thoughts are than before.  I believe it has brought me to an even higher level of vibration, which will help me create even more abundance in my life and business!”

Cindy Wert,

"My heart is open, and I’ve rediscovered my Faith."

“I absolutely love Debbie’s CD programs!  I listen to Debbie and Joyce Meyers every day.  I am so much

more positive than I used to be!  I feel better, have more energy, and am able to move through stressful situations so much more peacefully than I did in the past.  Things that used to upset me simply don’t anymore.  My heart is open, and I’ve rediscovered my Faith.  I’ve even attracted a wonderful new relationship!  My investment in these programs was money well spent!”  

Carol Edwards, Illinois

Introducing Abundance 101, my 4-CD set that brings the Law of Attraction into full view, explaining in real-world language both scientific and spiritual backgrounds of Law of Attraction.

I bring it down to earth for the rest of us, so you can better understand how it works and then put it into action in your own life—with truly amazing results!

Think about all the questions you may have about the Law of Attraction, then pop in the CDs and listen.  Chances are your questions will be answered—and then some!

These CDs, recorded in front of a live audience, will help you discover:   

  • Why you’re getting the results you’re getting, and what to do about it   
  • How you can change your results just by changing your beliefs   
  • How to get dramatically different results in any area of your life   
  • How to bring in more of what you really want: money, career enjoyment, better health, better relationships, you name it – what you will learn can be applied to any area of your life!

Total with Shipping & Handling: $49.00

"Abundance 101"

“Put YOU Back In Your Life!”

Do you feel like you’re living everyone’s life but yours?
Are you living a life that reflects YOUR dreams and priorities?

In this 45-minute Audio CD program, you’ll learn how to get clear on your values and priorities, change the self-talk that keeps you from living them, and start living a more authentic, happy, and fulfilling life.

Total with Shipping & Handling: $19.95